Oni Training 2023


First of all, happy new year to all who celebrate, wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. I hope the luck be with you and your family. May God of The Rabbit 🐰 (or God of The Cat 🐱 if you are in Vietnam) gives you strength to overcome all the hardships that might cross your path. Not sure how long it may last, but I will start writing journal and self reflection, from this year. Hopefully it would be a good read when I look back later.

Last Year’s Achievement

Before go to the goal for this year, I would like to mention my last year’s achievements. For some people, this is trivial, but to me, it has a special meaning. I have grown and I’m proud of it.

Break Up

At the beginning of the year, when holiday sprit is still in the air, my girlfriend broke up with me. What a great way to start a year! Lucky for me I still have some good friends during the hard times, just a few, but good friends indeed. Good friends are hard to come by, if you have any, treat them well, cherish them, invite them for a drink, buy them a gift on their birthday!

heart broken

Linux and Vim

I reached out and found my people. Installed Arch from scratch so I can safely says I use Arch btw. Learned a lot of new programming concepts last year thanks to Linux and Open Source community. I learned the important lesson about how a tiny, simple thing can improve my life greatly. If you have not used vim I would highly recommend learning it. It is a command line tool, it is ugly by default, but powerful.

Beauty fades, but power lasts forever - Medusa 🐍

Competitive Programming

On the 1st September 2022, I gave my first submission after a very lonnng break and restarted my competitive programming training. Later I participated in my first Leetcode contest and placed at top 22.46%22.46\% (didn’t expect that high of a rank 😀). That small win boosted my confidence and I eventually regain my momentum in training.

leetcode stats

New Job

New job, new opportunity, yay 🙌. I quit my job as an engineering manager at a small company. Leave some good friends behind and start a new position as a team leader, building some useful things with my favorite language C++. Plus, I met some nice people too. I guess I will be here for a while.

New Year’s Resolution 🎉


I will refer to the Infinity Stones 💎 as an abstraction of multiple aspects in life. Word on the street is that, to be as powerful as Thanos, one must find himself not 1, not 2, but 6 Infinity Stones. Since I am on my quest seeking the ultimate power, this year I want to improve my:

⚡ Power Stone

Power (or strength) is one of the most primitive quality a person can have. Having abundant strength helps increase longevity and life quality. Training Taiji is a good way to address that problem. Specifically I will train:

  • Core strength, hip strength, leg strength
  • Stamina
  • Flexibility

🐾 Space Stone

I would like to be organized, specifically:

  • Maintain clean room, messy room messy mind
  • Maintain minimal living style, keep no unnecessary belongings

🧠 Mind Stone

Knowledge is power, knowledge is also money. I am pretty confident with the calculation and logical thinking. But there are still some domains remain foreign to me. I would like to explore those next year:

  • Train Leetcode
  • Learn about the body, live longer
  • Finance, tax, FIRE
  • Learn how the dating game works
  • Build self-confidence

💖 Soul Stone

My emotional skill deserves more work than it is receiving right now. Next year I would like to:

  • Learn to put effort into everything I do
  • Learn to put attention to detail
  • Remember important days, birthday, memorial day, anniversary
  • Express my affections in solid action. Otherwise I am no different than a stranger

✨ Reality Stone

Reality means fate in our culture. It takes great effort to go against the heaven and change my fate. One can easily know that making such changes in 1 year is difficult. So this year I will narrow down my target to:

  • Learn System Design
  • If at all possible, I would like to work on the game I always wanted to
  • If at all possible, learn to animate 3D characters
  • If at all possible, lean math, geometry, combinatorics

⏰ Time Stone

I do not have a sense of time management. This year I would like to:

  • Learn to set time and scope of work to all tasks
  • Get up early consistently

super hero

To Wrap This Up, This Year I Resolve To …

Year Start Mid-Year Year End
Inconsistent cold shower, drop at 10°C.
3 minutes plank.
Eat vegetable.
Not yet full split, 25~30cm until ground, pretty far.
Train Taiji.
Consistent 5 minutes plank.
Cold shower, maintain showering until around 5°C.
Eat more vegetable.
Build running habit.
Reduce the split gap to the ground, ideally 10~15cm.
Train more Taiji.
Consistent 6 minutes plank, visible 11-shaped belly. Nimble, flexible body.
Cold shower all year.
Eat less sugar.
Maintain running habit.
Full split, 朝天登.
🐾 Clean room.
Minimal belongings
Maintain current status Maintain current status
🧠 Leetcode R1780.
Know nothing about dating.
Leetcode R1900 (two pointers, mod inverse, combinatorics, segment tree, consistent 3 contest problems).
Learn about technical aspect of dating.
Leetcode R2000 (KMP, advanced graph, intuitions, speed solving).
Have confident in dating skill. Develop interesting personality.
💖 Good relationship with mom.
Terrible relationship with Dung.
My crush can remember my name, no more no less.
Maintain relationship with mom.
Learn to send gift on special occasions.
Having meaningful conversation with my crush.
Maintain relationship with mom.
Keep closer look on Dung.
Make more calls.
Win HER heart, get in a relationship.
Good job security.
UE5 game has little meaningful progression.
Started doing commission, but still no significant progress.
Maintain job security.
Do creative coding once in a while.
Make significant improvement on side business.
Promotion in current job.
Finish first commission, even if it is free labour, no commission fee is needed.
Ideally a little progress on UE5 game.
Inconsistent bedtime 10:0010:00 ~ 2:002:00.
Wake up at 7:007:00, sometimes 7:307:30.
Go to bed at 11:0011:00, ideally 10:0010:00.
Wake up at 6:006:00, ideally 5:005:00.
Go to bed at 10:0010:00 consistently.
Wake up at 5:005:00 consistently.

relaxing girl

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