Oni Training 2024


Xin chào, hello, こんにちは, 你好 it’s me again, happy new year to all who celebrates, wish you happiness and prosperity in the year ahead. I hope the luck be with you and your relatives. I wish you not the easy life but the power to make your life easy. May the God of The Dragon 🐲 gives you strength to overcome all the hardships that might cross your path.

Last Year’s Achievement

Before go to the goals for this year, I would like to mention some nice thing happened last year. I have done some good job and I would like to praise myself for it.


I have read 12 books this year. Taking out boring technical books, there are 9 about psychology, dating, self-help, business. Thinking in Bets, Atomic Habits, How to Not Die Alone is some that worth mentioning. I have broaden my knowledge and I like me that way.


Last year I picked up rust 🦀 and like it very much. I can confidently say I am now a Rustacean. That was a successful attempt or at least a nice adventure I would say. On a side note, kotlin is also on my list but I haven’t done anything significant with it. Last but not least, my C++ skill got certificated by CPP Institute

Internet Presence

My personal toy web page is up to date with modern looks and cool stuffs, pretty proud of it. I also have managed to maintain a blog, mostly low-effort leetcode solutions but it’s an active blog nonetheless. I have also did some creative coding and got something interesting out of it.

Nhi 💖

The relationship with Nhi is, without a doubt the best thing happened last year. After not a few moments of awkard silent, countless silly conversations and a clumsy confession, I did it. We are officially together, since 15th July 2023. We have walked through temples in Kyoto together. I have seen panda in real life for the first time, and her too probably. Speaking of panda, we have seen panda in most places we can find them in Japan. It’s crazy how an introvert who never go outside like me now enjoy wandering Tokyo’s street. Our personalities may seems contrast but turned out that’s what makes us compatible. Fights make us understand each other more. I still learning to love her until today and I enjoy that process.

10K steps

I have been maintaining 10K steps nearly everyday since earlier this year. I even installed Strava and kept running for a month. Not so impressive but still an achievement.

dragon boat illustration

New Year’s Resolution 🎉


Continue the tradition I have established last year. I will use the Infinity Stones 💎 as an abstraction of multiple aspects in life. I will build my resolution based on this concept. There are many target I haven’t reached last year, so this year I would like to be humble and finish what I started, plus some new challenges.

⚡ Power Stone

  • Stamina
  • Flexibility

🚀 Space Stone

  • New job in Tokyo
  • Move in with Nhi
  • Home trip in October

🧠 Mind Stone

  • Train Leetcode
  • Learn Backend, Distributed System Design

💖 Soul Stone

  • Be more caring and romantic
  • Better control of negative emotion

✨ Reality Stone

  • Keep investing
  • Learn to trade
  • Get certificated, GCP PCA (default) or AWS SAA

⏰ Time Stone

  • Get up early consistently
  • Honestly it’s harder than it seems

festive illustration

To Wrap This Up, This Year I Resolve To …

Year Start Mid-Year Year End
5 minutes plank Train Taiji
Consistent 7 minutes plank
Eat more vegetable.
Run at least once a week
Learn to split again
Train more Taiji
Consistent 9 minutes plank, visible 11-shaped belly
Eat less sugar
Maintain running habit
Full split, 朝天登
🐾 Stay in Gifu Move to Tokyo, move in with Nhi Home trip
🧠 Leetcode R2033 Leetcode R2100 (DP, segment tree, consistent 4 contest problems) Leetcode R2200 (speed solving)
💖 Meet her parent for the first time Keep loving her Seoul trip
Build strong resume
Invest all NISA quota
Learn the certificate
Do more creative coding
Learn more graphics
Have at least 1 interview with tier-2 tech company
Invest all idle cash in stocks
Inconsistent bedtime 12:0012:00 ~ 2:002:00
Wake up at 7:007:00, sometimes 7:307:30
Go to bed at 11:0011:00
Wake up at 6:006:00, ideally 5:005:00
Go to bed at 10:3010:30 consistently.
Wake up at 5:005:00 consistently